The Tool Vending Machine and Your Business

One of the best investments, depending on your business industry, may just be the purchase of a vending machine.

Certain business machines, particularly a tool vending machine, may be one of the best investments a business can make, across many industries.

These types of machines can house and distribute equipment, such as machine tools, liquids, gloves, hand tools and the list goes on.

Unlike the traditional vending solution which dispenses candy, soda, or snacks, these types of automated dispensing machines can drastically improve a company’s bottom line, just as a candy machine does for its owner.

So which type of industrial vending machine should you buy? Well, what are your needs? No matter what your business needs to store, there are many configurations that can be custom made with a tool vending machine.

Maybe you want just one item per storage rack, or you have larger items that take up significant room. Any setup that best fits your business needs should be an available option with any provider you choose to use..

An efficient vending solution should also be able to track your inventory levels; monitor who takes an item and all from one central location.

Here are some other benefits to using such unique industrial vending solutions.

Employees can obtain tools, materials or any other needed items as they need.
Accountability for items is now automated; centrally tracked and human error is taken out of the equation.

Waste and replenishment costs will vastly diminish because you’ll have real-time tracking of every activity on each vending machine.
Time management increases, and productivity goes up, because warehouse workers no longer have to sift through unorganized supplies in order to find what they need. Workers now can get back to work for their clients, complete jobs quicker, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

Lower maintenance costs because all issues within the machine are reported back to one central station, allowing for immediate repair.

Some may still believe the price for such machines are high, but with so many up sides how can a company not see this as a superb business decision.

Do you know what you spend every year on misplaced or lost tools, overages on repair costs, or any other unproductive task? How many cumulative hours are being wasted every hour on search time? Are you prepared for an audit?

If not, or if you’re looking to for a better solution, then incorporate a tool vending machine into your business whether it is in the auto industry, green/alternative energy, food and beverage, aerospace, transit, government and many others, and watch your business manage itself.